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Welcome to Israel
ˇ@ˇ@Israel, the Promised Land of the Bible, is today a modern, thriving, bustling and vibrant country.  For centuries, the sites of many of the most stirring events on the history of mankind lay dormant beneath shifting sands and crumbling terraces, until the land was reclaimed by the People of Israel returning from exile.  In todayˇ¦s Israel, cities, towns and villages, fertile farms and green forests, sophisticated industries and well-developed commercial enterprises have replaced barren hillsides, swamps, and desert wilderness.

ˇ@ˇ@The echoes of the past still reverberate amide this dynamic rebirth.  Jerusalem, the HolyCity and eternal Capital of Israel, retains its aura of sanctity and welcomes the constant stream of pilgrims of all faiths.  The contemporary city of Beˇ¦er Sheva (Beersheva) stands at the beginning of the NegevDesert, as it did in the days of the Patriarch Abraham.  Eilat, Israelˇ¦s access to the Red Sea, is again a busy seaport, as it was during the reign of King Solomon.  Nazareth, the site of the Annunciation and the childhood home of Jesus, set in the historic Galilee. 

ˇ@ˇ@In addition to its religious and historical sites, Israel has much to offer the tourists ˇV vast stretches of clean, sunny beaches, modern cities and hotels, kibbutzim (collective villages), theaters and nightclubs, health resorts and colourful markets ˇV all within a compact geographic circle: only a few hours traveling times separates the sun-warmed seashores and the snow-capped mountains, the lush forests and the scenic desert landscapes.  Israel is indeed a rich and varied bouquet of attractions.

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